Our Mission:

To provide emergency financial assistance to families with school-aged children in the East Mountain area.

Founded November, 2002.
East Mountain Womenade is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Inspired by the article "Second Helpings" by J.H. Korelitz and a desire to help those less fortunate in our community, Leslie Porter, along with Darlene Fattorusso, Chris Acklen, Yvette Stoor and Brenda Wilson founded East Mountain Womenade in 2002.

Click here to download the article as a pdf

How do we raise money?   
Our major fundraiser is an annual potluck.  Since becoming a 501c3 organization, we have also received money from foundations and have members who arrange matching funds from their employers.  People can designate East Mountain Womenade as recipients of their United Way contributions. People can also designate East Mountain Womenade as thier charity of choice on AmazonSmile: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/22-3891313

Additionally, we receive contributions from East Mountain organizations, businesses and individuals/families wishing to support our mission. We would like to acknowledge and thank the East Mountain Garden Club and the Paa-Ko Fine Artists groups for their continued support and generosity in this regard.

How is the money spent?  
The money is used to help families of school-aged children who have emergency financial needs.  The money is paid directly to service providers such as utility and propane companies, car repair shops, and landlords.  In some instances, EMW has provided families with gift cards to grocery stores or gas cards to help with fuel costs.  EMW has no overhead.  All money raised goes directly to families.  Board members cover postage and miscellaneous expenses.

Our Annual Financial Reports are available here.

How are the families identified? 
East Mountain Womenade works closely with school counselors and social workers in the Albuquerque Public School District’s East Mountain schools. When a family discusses an emergency financial need, the counselor, social worker or principal may call EMW and request assistance.  Many of the families are working, trying to make ends meet.  When a crisis happens, such as a parent losing his/her job or being injured, EMW can be contacted to help ease financial burdens.  The names of the families are kept confidential. 

How do you differ from other organizations who financially help families?
We have no application process.  The funds are quickly dispersed to service providers.  We rely on the social workers and school personnel as our screeners.  Most other organizations have a long waiting period before funds can be released.